How Powerful Are Your Thoughts?

Chapter One of Healing Is Your Birthright: Claim It! Discusses matter and thought. Whether there is a relationship, a link.

Experimental scientists have actually proved that there is a clear connection. That by observing a particle with sufficient frequency the normal expected decay of that particle can be prevented. Thinking about matter can actually change matter! Unbelievable?

Psychokinesis or telekinesis – the ability to influence matter without physical action – “bending spoons” has been largely discounted as either fraudulent or caused by natural forces. But there remains a lurking suspicion that there may be something in it.

What about this? Australian Peter Ford who worked for decades as a news broadcaster in Australia and with NBC and CNN is also an accomplished computer programmer.

He gave up his news gathering, working full time on his dream. He developed a device which he called a NeuroSwitch. This is connected to a person and picks up electrical signals inside a muscle and transmits them via Bluetooth wireless to a computer.

Electric signals? Electricity involves an electric charge which causes effects varying from the moving of a muscle to destructive lightning strikes.

By using a NeuroSwitch and an appropriately programmed computer or laptop a person, suffering spinal injuries, severe degenerative diseases, cerebral palsy or paralysis and unable to move or speak, can communicate, send emails, SMS, surf the web, read, listen to music, even play video games.

Why? The person can’t move a muscle, but he can think. That thought sends a message to a muscle. Due to his condition that muscle can’t react. But the message is real and is picked up by the NeuroSwitch and relayed to the computer.

Now that person has a life. He can interact with his family, speak, read, enjoy movies. Want to know more? Log on to

Can thought influence matter? Of course it can!

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