Who Are You?

What, or who, is the real you? We know that we continue to exist after our body dies and dissolves into nothing. But, in what form do we live on?

Many studies and experiences of people who have actually died, but recovered, prove that we do live on – Near Death Experiences or NDE’s, they are called.

In what form do I really exist? It’s not my body. If I lose a leg, I might not be able to get around physically as readily as before. But I still exist – my mind, my thinking hasn’t changed. What if I lose all my arms and legs? As many have – either through paralysis or amputation.

Though much of my body has gone, I’m still me. Though somewhat handicapped, I’m still a whole person.

So, let’s think outside of the box. My life is not my body. But if that’s so, what is my life? Isn’t it my consciousness; invisible, non-material spirit?

But that’s what God is. Spirit.

If I am spirit and God is Spirit am I getting somewhat above myself? Not at all! Clearly explained in the very first chapter of the Bible – “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:27 NKJV)

It is wise to take proper care of your arms and legs and all the rest of your material body. But it is far more important to look after the real you – your consciousness.

Are you allowing that consciousness to fall prey to evil thoughts? To hate, to anger, to revenge, to resentment, to envy, to fear, to anxiety? That’s the spiritual equivalent of getting involved in a bull fight! If your consciousness suffers, your body will follow suit.

Are you too fat, or too thin? Too tall, or too short? Too old, or too young? Rich, or poor? Clever, or simple? Black, or white? These are of no consequence in spirit – your true self.

Just be grateful for the wonderful gift you have received directly from God. The gift of life in His image – the image of Love! And show that gratitude by living as Jesus taught. Then all your material needs will come.

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