Healing is your Birthright: Claim it!

What do you want in life? Good health and happiness will be right up there – high, if not top of the list. But did you know that this is your birthright?

Have you claimed it? Or, have you fallen for the thousands of years old deception mistakenly foisted on your forebears by sincere, holy leaders of the church?

This book explains why this terrible mistake was made nearly two thousand years ago and why the church diverged from the pure teachings of Jesus and his apostles during all this time, how it is slowly but surely being rectified and how you can make your claim for your God-given entitlement.

Isn’t it about time you claimed your birthright?

The book traces the beginnings of Judaism, its successes and tribulations through to the coming of Jesus. It tells of his ministry, his numerous promises and how they were backed up by many extraordinary and instantaneous healings and other marvels.

What was the role of women in those times? Why were their efforts belittled and disregarded? Recent discovery, translation and analysis of manuscripts buried for 2000 years throw much light on the prevalent misogyny of the era.

The beginnings of the Christian church, the exclusion of women from leadership roles, the early leaders and how their belief in their own superiority took the church, over many centuries, a long way from the loving, healing fellowship that reached out to all.

It is dedicated to everyone, everywhere – and easy to read.  For those who want to dig deep it does have over 450 references to the Bible, numerous historical and other texts and ancient writings.

The book asks and answers the questions: Why did this healing method, so effective during the early centuries of Christianity, simply fade away? Is it, or can it be practiced today?

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